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        Camping Trip

        The summer of 2020, bare shelves and empty streets, yet the world is wide and just beyond the cities under lockdown is the great outdoors, four friends driving
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        The Galloping Major

        It’s an unlikely partnership brought about by happenstance, debt collector Harold Temple arriving at the pet shop owned by Major Arthur Hill over a default of £34, 7/8
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        The Flying Scot

        It’s the perfect crime; the overnight express from Edinburgh to London, the first class carriage booked for the newlyweds backing onto the secure room where half a million
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        All Must Die

        Gina Moen’s life is good, popular at work, her wedding only two weeks away, and with her friends planning a bachelorette party with some surprises in store, not
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        She Will

        Veronica Ghent came to fame in 1969 when at age thirteen when she was cast as the lead of director Eric Hathbourne’s Navajo Frontier, due to be remade
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        Red Sonja

        The flames of her burning home as red as her hair, Sonja was the only survivor of the assault ordered by Queen Gedren of Berkubane upon her family;
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        It was in 1991 that Betriek’s grandmother was murdered upstairs in her bedroom while Betriek played directly below, covering her ears when she heard the screams; thirty years
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        Good Madam

        Black hands scrub white floor tiles and dust the framed photographs, portraits of a white upper-class Capetown family for whom Mavis has served many years. Her own son
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